About the campaign #digitalcamerwoman

Behind the clichés displayed by search engines, when searching for information on Internet presence of women from Cameroon, the reality is quite different. Online activity of women in this country located in Central Africa region is not limited to the search for a European spouse.


Since 2015, Internet Sans Frontières has been studying the impact of the Internet and ICT on Cameroonian women, and on equality between women and men in the country. According to our study, carried out with the support of the Web Foundation and the Swedish development agency: Cameroonian women use the Internet to create economic activity, keep in touch with family and friends, or acquire new knowledge and skills.


Problem: Cameroonian women are 50% less likely to access the Internet, than their male compatriots. The main reasons are :



According to Julie Owono,Head of Africa Desk at Internet Sans Frontières:


"It is undeniable today that the democratization of women's Internet access is an essential growth lever for emerging economies. "


With the support of the Web Foundation, Internet Sans Frontières launches on March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, its digital campaign "#digitalcamerwoman", a hashtag around which Cameroonian women, whom Internet Without Borders met in Yaoundé, explain their use of the Internet, and what they could do with a more affordable Internet access: entrepreneur, student, or job seeker, the Internet has a positive impact on their lives. These testimonies contrast with the Internet shutdown, imposed in some parts of Cameroon since January 2017.


The hashtag #digitalcamerwoman is also an opportunity for all to demonstrate the creativity and dynamism of Cameroonian women, which would be increased tenfold with more affordable Internet access for all.


Discover the portraits of Almighty, Carine, Horélie, and Arielle on our website dedicated to the campaign.

Download our audit scorecard of the digital gender gap in Cameroon.

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